Why Bucklands Beach BJJ?


Martial arts beginners

A martial art can seem like an incredibly daunting activity! Your first session is arguably the most important, and you must find the right coach to welcome you to it. My students are of all different levels and walks of life; when I teach, I truly believe that one size does not fit all. When you walk through the doors, I will ensure you feel comfortable and I promise you will improve, no matter how novice you may be.

People who want to defend themselves

Modern society is unpredictable. Just think about all the recent cases of physical beatings going live on Facebook. Its pivotal that you always try and avoid danger, but in reality this isn’t always possible. Even the most basic martial arts skills can be the difference between protecting yourself or more importantly, a loved one, from a tricky situation.


Intense fitness enthusiasts

Many people begin martial arts because they want to learn self-defence, only to find themselves continuing training because they realise all its other benefits instead! If you are someone who lives an active, outdoors life and you want to try and alternate work out to what your used to, you could really enjoy the intensity and the thrill of the game behind martial arts.



I have competed at every belt I have in countless Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. I was also a semi-professional cage fighter so I know what it takes to be compete at your best. If you have a competition coming up, you need to step up your training to ensure you will be as prepared as possible. Preparation is pivotal! That includes nailing the right techniques for your specific game, getting in the correct mindset and of course being physically on-form.


Seasoned practitioners

You need a training partner who can challenge you and can keep you on your feet. Simply put, there is a shortage of highly experienced students in the area and if you want to progress at the highest level, I know I can be of great use to you.