MMA is the combination of the most effective elements from a range of martial arts. It involves the precision and speed of Boxing, the explosive striking power of Kickboxing and Muay Thai, alongside the dynamic take-down and ground control of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. MMA has been made famous by the world-recognised UFC, which sees fighters from all different fighting backgrounds come together to demonstrate their technical skill and athletic ability in the cage. Unlike BJJ which relies purely on technique to safely defend its practitioner, MMA relies on technique, willpower and versatility to bring all its elements together in a highly offensive and destructive way. Professional MMA fighters are some of the most dedicated and athletic sportsmen on the planet. MMA is far from casual, you should be highly engaged, prepared to sweat, and of course be willing to lose, in order to learn. Its mastery is a process which you cannot short-cut, each element must be given adequate attention and you must have an open mind at all times.