BJJ is the art of submission-grappling, a self defence system which uses technique to overcome natural strength. To grapple, is to use your body to subdue an opponent and prevent them from moving. Grappling involves take downs, because it comes into its true element when the opponent is on the ground. The nature of ground-fighting means that the person in control is exponentially more likely to win, no matter their size or strength. BJJ teaches you the rhythms which ensure you will always be in control. Once control is gained, you'll be able to apply a number of submissions including chokes and joint holds, to quickly and safely finish the fight. One of the greatest benefits of BJJ over other martials arts is its system of sparring. Because you're not striking your training partner, you don't have to worry about injuring them (as long as you remain careful); this allows you to spar with the exact same speed and intensity you would fight with in a 'real' situation. With this, you will walk away from each session feeling better-prepared to overcome any danger.